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Gender studies


Gender studies is theoretical work in the socialsciences or humanities that focuses on issues of sex and gender in languageand society, and often addresses related issues including racial and ethnic oppression , postcolonial societies, and globalization .

Work in gender studies is often associated with work in feminist theory , queer studies , andother theoretical aspects of cultural studies . While work in genderstudies is principally found in humanities departments and publications (in areas such as English literature and other literary studies), it is also found in social-scientific areas suchas anthropology , sociology ,and psychology .


Some theorists whose work is associated with Gender Studies

Gender in Psychology

The aggregate body of literature in the field of psychology says little aboutgender in certain and absolute terms. An enormous number of pages exist exploring the practical differences between men and womenat present, but few if any provide uncontradicted information on the exact cause of those differences. There is an ongoing debateconcerning Nature versus nurture that shows no sign ofbeing resolved in the near future; while the issue of whether certain characteristics are determined by genetic factors or byexposure to environmental factors is important in general, it is particularly important in light of modern feminist concerns. Ingeneral, personality and behavioral differences are believed to be due to learning and conditioning or modeling and imitation rather than purely biologically-based tendencies, althougha small yet noticeable portion of research indicates some differences in brain size and structure that may be relevantto functionality. It has been noted overall that the environment that a person experiences has a much greater impact upon thedevelopment and personality of that person than genetic factors (except in the case of some disorders which have well-documentedgenetic risk factors such as bipolar disorder , some types of mental retardation like Down's Syndrome , and schizophrenia ).

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