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Education encompasses teaching and learning specific skills , and also something less tangible but moreprofound: the imparting of knowledge , good judgement and wisdom . One of the fundamental goals of education is toimpart culture across the generations (see socialization ).



Education begins the minute a baby is born and is life-long. Education may even beginbefore birth as evidenced by some parents playing music or reading to the baby in the womb in the hope it will influence(educate) their child before birth. For some, the struggles and triumphs of daily life are far more instructive than formal schooling (Thus Mark Twain : "I neverlet school interfere with my education.") Family members have an educational effectwhich is quite profound — often more profound than they realize — though family teaching techniques may be highlyinformal.

Formal education occurs when society makes a commitment to educate people, usually the young. Formal education can besystematic and thorough, but the sponsoring group may seek selfish advantages when shaping impressionable young scholars.

Life-long or adult education has become widespread. Many adults have given up the notion that only children belongin school. Many adults are enrolled in post-secondaryeducation schools, both part-time and full time, where they are often classified as non-traditional students in order to distinguish them administratively from young adultsentering directly from high school.

Computing devices can change when and where we learn. This is the computer based or networked learning structure, in whichpeople contribute to each others' education. It is defined as onlineeducation (a subset of distance education ), the European Graduate School as a University operates duringthe summer, it serves as a meeting point for people that has participated in online forums through the academic year, thismethodology is a break to the traditional educational system.


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Challenges in education

In well-developed countries

  • The entertaining world distracting the student's attention
see Current issues in teaching
  • Program Evaluation Answering questions such as doeseducation "work", or how to improve education.

In developing countries

  • Small incomes of teachers
  • People unaware of the importance of education
  • Economical pressure of parents who want their children to work as laborers
  • Program Evaluation
  • Due to globalization , increased pressure on students (whatkind?).
  • Removal of a certain percentage of students for improvisation of academics (usually practised in schools, after 10thgrade).
  • Lack of good universities, low acceptance rate for good universities (usually in overpopulated countries).

Formal education

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Student activism

Student activism - Student-led school change - Student Developed Education Policy

Educational policy

Literacy - Testing & policy - Education reform - School choice - Charter schools - Meaningful student involvement - Student voice - Student Developed Education Policy - Social promotion

Informal and alternative education

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Extracurricular education

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Theory and methodology

Philosophy of education - Teaching method - Instructional theory - Learning theory - Learning disability - Instructional technology - Education Psychology - Behaviorism - Problem-based learning - Active learning - Outcome-based education - Reggio Emilia approach - Cooperative education - collaborative learning - Transformative learning - experiential education - Situatedlearning - Adult education - Critical pedagogy - Institutional pedagogy - Pastoralcare

Education by country

Education by country - List of colleges anduniversities by country

Education and parents


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