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Queer studies


The term "Queer studies" refers to studies of issues relating to sexual orientation and gender identity .There are a growing number of college courses in this area, and at least five institutions in the United States offer anundergraduate major.

Scholars in this field generally believe that LGBT people (and according to some, thosewho practice other non-normative sexual practices) constitute a class of " TheOther " subject to physical and intellectual repression and work to empower this class of people to make changes to thesociety and culture in which they live. A major emphasis in Queer studies is the integration of theory and practice, with manyprograms encouraging community service work, community involvement, and activist work in addition to academic reading andresearch.

The field embraces the academic study of issues raised in literarytheory , political science , history , sociology , ethics , and other fields by an examination of the identity, lives, history, and perception of queer people.

Some primary scholars in Queer studies include Michel Foucault , Judith Butler , AudreLorde , John Boswell , and Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick .

Techniques in Queer studies include the search for Queer influences and themes in works of literature; the analysis ofpolitical currents linking the oppression of women, racialized groups, and disadvantaged classes with that of queer people; andthe search for Queer figures and trends in history that queer studies scholars believe havebeen ignored and excluded from the canon .

Queer studies are not to be confused with Queer theory , an analyticalviewpoint within Queer studies that is concentrated within the humanities - particularly the fields of Literary Studies and Philosophy

See also: group-entity , gender studies

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