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Journalism is the practice of collecting and publishing information regarding current events . It is oftentimes defined even broader - as the pursuit of the truth. Those whopractice journalism are known as journalists .

When journalism is associated with the news, it is often referred to as the "first draft of history." Even though news storiesare often written in a hurried style , they should be proofread before being published. Journalists' interaction with sources frequently involves confidentiality issues.

The main activity of journalism is the reporting of events by stating the journalistic parameters of who, what, when, where, why and how and commenting on the significance of the event. Journalism exists in a number of media: newspapers , television , radio and magazines , with Internet journalism being a newcomer.

Generally, a distinction is drawn between straight reporting (just the facts), op-ed columns (opinion and editorial commentfrom one author), and editorials , the official opinions of the paper.

However, this distinction is often difficult to make. Journalists may intentionally or unintentionally fall prey to propaganda or disinformation .Without even committing outright fraud, journalists may give a biased account of facts by being selective in their reporting, forinstance focussing on anecdote or giving partial explanation of actions. This isespecially effective in foreign reporting, since few people can and do check such reports.

Periodicals will also usually contain "features" - see under heading feature style at article news style - written by journalists, many of whom specialise in the form.

New forms of journalism

A fairly new form of public journalism is called blogging , in which a writer, often unaffiliated with a professional news organization, writesfrequent dispatches on niche topics, posted online. Though new to readers accustomed to less chronologically organizeddispatches, the style harkens back to the early days of print journalism, when it often took an editor several days to typeset apage by hand.

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