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Military law


Military law is a distinct legal system which members of armed forces are subject. Most countries have special additional laws and often a legal system which areapplicable to members of their military and not usually to civilians. Military Law deals with issues such as; procedures formilitary discipline, what is (and what isn't) a lawful command, obligations for service personnel.

Military Law can also be imposed on the civilian population instead of normal civil laws. In this instance itmay be called Martial law . Martial law is often declared in times ofemergency, war, or civil unrest. Most countries have restrictions on when Martial law can be declared, and how long it canremain.

Declaration of Martial or Military law is sometimes used by dictatorships, especially military dictatorships , to enforce their rule.

Military law in the United States is controlled by the Uniform Code of Military Justice (Title 10 United States Code , Chapter 47) and implemented by the Manual for Courts-Martial, an Executive Order issued by the President of the United States in his capacity as Commander in Chief of the US military.

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