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Family and Consumer Science

(familyandconsumerscience,familyand consumer science,family andconsumer science,family and consumerscience)

Family and consumer sciences, or home economics, is an academic discipline concerning consumer science , nutrition , cooking , parenting , interior decoration , textiles , gardening , and other subjectsrelated to homemanagement .

Family and Consumer Sciences combines social science , including itsemphasis on the well-being of families, individuals, and communities, and natural science with its emphasis on nutrition and textile science.

The field as it is today originated from Home Economics; in the U. S. it began at land grant universities after women appealed to have their own niche while the men studied thingslike agriculture.

Ironically, many of the people most skilled in home management have never studied Family and Consumer Sciences formally. Manylearn these skills in the home, and in the past some have developed their skills at a finishing school .

See also: Domestic technology

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