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Area studies


In the humanities and social sciences , area studies is interdisciplinary research and scholarship pertaining toa particular geographical or cultural region. The term exists primarily as a general description for what are, in the practice of scholarship, many heterogeneousfields of research. Fields are defined differently from university to university, and from department to department, but commonarea-studies fields include:

  • MiddleEastern studies
  • Asian studies
    • East Asianstudies
    • South Asianstudies
  • African studies
  • LatinAmerican studies
    • SouthAmerican studies
    • CentralAmerican studies
  • Caribbeanstudies
  • American studies (in the United States this has traditionally referred primarily to North America and especially the U.S.)

Other interdisciplinary research fields, such as women'sstudies , gender studies , and African American studies , are not strictly part ofarea studies but are sometimes included in discussion along with it.

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