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Haematology is the branch of medicine that is concerned with blood and its disorders.

It is commonly divided into three sub-areas, according to the type and group of cells it refers to. This subdivision isincomplete, as many diseases affect most or all of the components of blood and bone marrow .

Common tests used in the investigation of haematological problems include:

Treatments include:

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Hematological malignancy and White blood cells

Lymphoma ( Hodgkin's disease , NHL )- Leukemia ( ALL , AML , CLL , CML ) - Multiple myeloma - MDS - Myelofibrosis - Myeloproliferative disease ( Thrombocytosis , Polycythemia ) - Neutropenia

Red blood cells

Anemia - Hemochromatosis - Sickle-cell anemia - Thalassemia - other hemoglobinopathies

Coagulation and Platelets

Thrombosis - Deep venous thrombosis - Pulmonary embolism - Hemophilia - ITP - TTP

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