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Ornithology is the branch of biology concerned with the scientific study of birds . It includes observations onthe structure and classification of birds, and on their habits, song and flight.


Regional associations and societies


United Kingdom

National associations and societies



  • Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS): Located at Mumbai (formerly Bombay), it isthe largest and oldest Non-government Organization in the area of natural history in the Indian subcontinent. Visit http://www.bnhs.org
  • Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology and Natural History (SACON) Located near Coimbatore.
  • Zoological Survey of India, Calcutta. The government department meant to document and study the fauna of India.




  • Society for Observation and Study of Birds of Slovenia (Društvo za opazovanje in proučevanje pticSlovenije) ( DOPPS )

United Kingdom

North America


  • Bird StudiesCanada


Publications and magazines

  • Acrocephalus , DOPPS (Slovenia)
  • Audubon Magazine (USA)
  • The Auk (USA)
  • Bird Study (UK)
  • British Birds (UK)
  • Bulletin of the British Ornithologists' Club (UK)
  • The Condor (USA)
  • The Emu (Australia)
  • Ibis (UK)
  • Irish Birds (Ireland)
  • The Journal of Field Ornithology (USA)
  • Ostrich (South Africa)
  • The Wilson Bulletin (USA)
  • Ornithos (France)


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